Augmented reality

Augmented reality (also known as AR) is the digital extension of human sensory perception. Although in principle all senses can be engaged, the term AR is generally used when talking about the digital extension of visual representations.

AR applications expand your reality with images, videos or deceptively realistic 3D animations or objects. Depending on the application, you can experience your augmented reality via your smartphone, tablet or another display

Computer-generated objects or models can be used as a source, as well as detailed digital images of real objects.

On the order of the museums of the district of Gifhorn, a media extension based on augmented reality was developed for the special exhibition developed “for my children” at the Steinhorst School Museum .

By using augmented reality, visitors are able to virtually hold detailed and animated models of various objects in their hands. By using the AR solution, the exhibits not only become a little more real, but can also be lived.

Info: This project was being handled by AMENO GmbH at the time.